Marian Frick Rigsbee, LCSW, MAC
Member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers

“My therapy goals...are ambitious: in addition to symptom removal and alleviation of pain, I strive to facilitate personal growth.   – Irvin Yalom, Psychiatrist, Author

"How may I be of the best help to you?" This is how we will begin our first session with one another. I see my role as listening to you, affirming you, brainstorming with you, supporting you, challenging you, occasionally providing education to you, and most importantly, empowering you. We will look at your challenges through many lenses. No topic or challenge is off-limits in therapy, and within the safe space of our relationship, we will find solutions. My therapy practice is a safe for all. This means Black, Asian, Indigenous, Jewish, queer, trans, fat, those with different abilities, those who are unhoused, those who are religious, those who are atheist, those who are neurodivergent, and any and ALL bodies. I am here for you and my goal is to provide a safe space for you.


I provide therapy for adults. My specialties are mood disorders and trauma, although no one's experience can be categorized so easily. Whatever the challenge, I am dedicated to helping you navigate barriers that may be keeping you from finding balance in your life and achieving healthy, fulfilling relationships. You can and should expect a therapist who identifies you as the center of the therapeutic experience.


I view you as the expert in your life. This understanding is the foundation for everything in our work with one another and any skill, tool, or approach I have in my toolbox rests upon that. Although I draw upon a number of theoretical orientations depending on the client and the challenge, my primary approaches are Motivational Interviewing (a client-centered approach which strengthen's one's motivations to change) and Cognitive Therapy (emphasizes the connection between thoughts, moods, behaviors, bodily sensations, and environment). Modern cognitive approaches incorporate acceptance, mindfulness, and gratitude and it is not about positive thinking. Lastly, I have an ongoing commitment to Cultural Humility. But, don't let any fancy-sounding labels throw you off! Your life will remain the central focus. In addition to my clinical approach, I highly value time-honored components of wellness and healing including social connection, physical activity, regular sleep, and a balanced diet. And perhaps most importantly, I understand that it is often the world that needs changing, not you. If you are wondering if I can help, call for a free phone consultation.

I also train and teach Motivational Interviewing. I am a member of the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT) which is devoted to promoting high-quality MI practice and training. I am pleased to share this information and how it might help your organization and clients. For more information about this, please visit